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Assault and Domestic Violence

Texas Law defines Assault and Domestic Violence as the reckless infliction of physical or emotional injury upon a family or household member. A common misconception people have about domestic violence is that the alleged victim has the power to drop the charges when they see fit. This is not the truth. Once the Assault and Domestic Violence charges have been filed and accepted by the District Attorney, they alone decide whether or not to dismiss the charges.


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Houston Assault and Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

It is important to understand that an arrest for assault and domestic violence can lead the court to issue an emergency protective order, which prohibits you from going within a certain distance of the alleged victim. If you live with the victim, the protective order will prohibit you from returning home until the order expires or the court lifts it. A violation of the courts protective order can lead to additional charges being filed against you. Additionally, a conviction or probation including a finding of family violence will affect your right to possess any firearms or obtain a hunting license.

We are committed to protecting the rights of people charged with assault and domestic assault, and are willing and able to take the cases the State refuses to dismiss to trial.

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