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Murder and Manslaughter

Murder and Manslaughter are two of the most serious types of criminal charges that a person may face. Both involve unlawfully causing the death of another. The circumstances surrounding the death will determine whether the person will face manslaughter or murder charges.

Manslaughter typically involves an accidental death or a death which is not preplanned or does not involve malice aforethought. Murder typically involves a death which is caused consciously and intentionally by the actor.

In some cases, murder may be punishable by the death penalty. This means that your very life may be at stake. You cannot take any chances and work with inexperienced defense lawyers or those who do not have the adequate resources to dedicate to your defense.


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Houston Murder and Manslaughter – Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer

At Rodriguez & Associates P.C. we defend people facing the fight of their lives against criminal charges of Murder, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter, Murder for Hire, Vehicular Homicide, and related charges.

If you have been charged with Murder or Manslaughter you should retain an experienced attorney immediately to protect your rights.

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