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You have to be cautious about what you say to law enforcement officers at all times. You from the moment that you are arrested, they are going to be listening to you and taking notes. If you admit to something, it can potentially be used against you later on. As they read your Miranda rights, you have to listen to the part where you are entitled to an attorney. A Harris County aggravated assault Defense attorney in Houston can be at your side as soon as you get to the police station for questioning.

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Why is a Harris County Aggravated Assault Defense Attorney in Houston Important?

Even before you have retained the attorney, they can provide you with legal counsel. This will ensure that you do not say anything that could potentially incriminate you further. They will guide you through the questioning and stop the questioning if things get to be out of control.

Many times, law enforcement officers will push beyond the legal limits in order to try and get a confession. While this is wrong, it happens all the time. This is why it is advantageous for you to know your rights and have a Harris County aggravated assault Defense attorney in Houston at your side.

Once you have gone through the booking at the police station, you can talk with the defense attorney to figure out what your next move is going to be. You are likely going to be placed into County jail until there is a bail hearing. Your attorney can help during this hearing in order to plead your case and tell the judge why a low bail should be provided. The attorney can then help you and your loved ones determine how to get you out of jail until the trial, generally using a bail bond company.

Once you are out of jail, you will need to make sure that you adhere to the specifications of your release. There may be details where you are not allowed to go near a certain person, schools, or somewhere else. You may not be allowed to leave the state or the county. If you have questions about these, you can turn to your defense attorney at any time.

Your Harris County aggravated assault Defense attorney is going to be working hard in the background

He or she is going to be building a case in order to take to trial. Aggravated assault is a serious accusation that can carry significant penalties. Primarily, it’s because the assault has been taken a step further to “aggravated” due to the use of a weapon, the severity of the injuries, the intent of the person who did the assaulting, and potentially even the victim’s status.

Regardless of whether you are guilty or not guilty, a case will need to be built. If you are not guilty, the role of the defense attorney is to prove that you are completely innocent and have all of the charges dropped. If you are guilty, the role will then take minimize the charges as well as to minimize the penalties.

You will need to have an aggravated assault Defense attorney with experience at your side from the very beginning, and it is of the utmost importance to get one quickly.

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Case Results

Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon: Dismissed

Arson: Dismissed

Assault: Dismissed

Bail Jumping: Dismissed

Burglary of a Habitation: Dismissed

Discharging a Weapon: Dismissed

Disorderly Conduct: Dismissed

DWI: Dismissed

Possession of a Controlled Substance: Dismissed

Robbery: Dismissed

Sexual Assault: Dismissed

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