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How a Harris County Cocaine Defense Attorney Makes a Difference

There are a lot of reasons why hiring a Harris County cocaine defense attorney makes a lot of sense. The charges you face can be felony charges – and if convicted, could affect the rest of your like. By having an attorney who knows the laws, you can hope for a more positive outcome of your case.

Why it is important to find a Harris County Cocaine Defense Attorney

The cocaine charges you may be up against could include use, possession, trafficking, and more. They could become more severe if you were found selling to a minor of if you were selling close to school grounds.

Hiring a Harris County Cocaine Defense Attorney

A case needs to be built to show that either you are innocent of the charges or that the charges should be reduced so you don’t spend as much time (or any time at all) in prison. In order for the case to be built, you need a Harris County cocaine defense attorney who knows the laws. And one who can use them to your advantage.
The laws are hard to navigate on your own. You don’t want to be left alone during this time of your life. It can be hard to figure out what you should do. Do you plead guilty or not guilty? Do you take a plea bargain or not? All of these things need to be figured out and they will be easier to figure out if you have some legal counsel.

As a result, you will either be found guilty or not guilty by the jury. Consequently if you are found guilty, the penalties can be severe when it comes to cocaine charges. You may spend a number of years in prison, be forced to pay fines, and have community service hours that need to be served before you are considered a free person.

A Harris County Cocaine Defense Attorney can help your case

Don’t make a mistake to haunt you for the rest of your life and this is why it can be a good thing to have an attorney. You don’t want just any attorney. You want a Harris County cocaine defense attorney who knows the drug laws in the state. And one that can navigate the legal system on your behalf.

As a result, you can get assistance with every step along the way. This includes with the bail hearing, the arraignment, and the trial. If you don’t have to be alone through these decisions, then there is no reason to be.

A consultation can be booked very quickly. This gives you the chance to find out more about an attorney, ask questions, and determine if you feel comfortable sharing all of the most intimate details about your case with him. Therefore, a defense attorney at this point can give you some options.