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Harris County Marijuana Defense Attorney


Many people view marijuana as absolutely harmless. In some states, it can be used recreationally or with a prescription. In Harris County, however, it is a crime. If you are caught using, buying, selling or trafficking marijuana, it can come with some very severe charges…and you will want a Harris County marijuana defense attorney at your side.

You can’t ignore the problem because it’s not going to go away on its own. This means that you have to work with an attorney who is going to help you. With an attorney at your side, decisions are easier. You will obtain help with how you should plead and much more.

A case needs to be built so the defense attorney can go against the prosecutor in the trial. It may be possible to avoid the trial by settling outside of court. This is done via a plea bargain. You plead guilty and the prosecution decides to take it easy on you in terms of sentencing.

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What kind of help will you get?


The help that you obtain from a Harris County marijuana defense attorney can be invaluable. You may get help even before you have left the police station with the booking. The law enforcement officers are going to question you – and having an attorney at your side can make sure you don’t say anything incriminating. You can also get help when the judge sets bail and with finding a bail bond company.

Even after you have been bailed out of jail, the attorney is going to work for you. It may be months or even a year until the trial, so the attorney will conduct an investigation during this time. It will be his job to find witnesses and experts that can speak on your whereabouts, your ability to commit the crime, and argue the charges that you are faced with.

While there’s never a guarantee that you will win a case, it is important to pay attention to the Harris County marijuana defense attorney you hire. The help you can get can put your mind at ease throughout this whole ordeal. You may have questions about what’s going on at different stages and all it takes is one phone call to your attorney to get the needed answers.

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