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Harris County Marijuana Lawyers

The Harris County marijuana lawyers from Rodriguez & Associates are here to help you. We understand that you’re probably scared right now, but realize that you have rights, too.

Our Harris County drug attorneys have worked on many drug possession cases, and we have been successful in getting charges reduced, cases dismissed or evidence suppressed. We might be able to do the same for you.

Free Consultation With Our Cocaine Attorneys in Harris County TX
Since each case is unique, we don’t want to make any generalizations. That’s why we offer our clients free, no obligation consultations. Our Harris County cocaine attorneys appreciate your consideration, and we hope that we can be of service to you.

During your consultation, our Harris County marijuana lawyers will get the facts of your case, such as how you were caught, what substance you were caught with and if this is your first offense.


Call Now For a Free Consultation

There is no obligation for friendly legal consultation.

Fees are reasonable, fair and adjusted for each case.

We accept all major credit cards.

You Don’t Have to Settle
Our drug attorneys in Harris County TX are very knowledgeable when it comes to constitutional fourth amendment rights as well as illegal searches and other constitutional violations during a drug arrest.

It’s not uncommon for illegal practices to take place with drug crimes, and only an experienced team of marijuana lawyers in Harris County TX will spot them. The law has a way of making people feel guilty for their crimes, but you have rights, too.

What to Expect from Us
We want you to trust in our Harris County cocaine attorneys. Here are some things to expect from Rodriguez & Associates.

  • Honest, ethical practices
  • Professionalism and diligence
  • Reasonable rates
  • Free consultations
  • Payment plans (some cases only)
  • Solid reputation with misdemeanor and felony judges
  • Ability to connect with jurors
  • 14 years of criminal defense experience

Work with a team of Harris County marijuana lawyers that want to help you! Rodriguez & Associates is on your team!

Contact Us


Rodriguez & Associates P.C. offers free consultations and quick response times. If you need to speak to a criminal defense lawyer today, please do not hesitate and call us right now at (713) 927-6863.

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