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Harris County Sexual Assault Attorney in Houston

Once you have been charged with sexual assault, your next order of business is to retain a Harris County sexual assault attorney in Houston. If you have never been in trouble with the law before, this may seem like a very daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. You simply need to know what to do.

The Law Offices of Joe Ray Rodriguez P.C.

Criminal Defense Attorney, Joe Ray Rodriguez graduated from Law School with a purpose and a mission; to defend and assist people facing criminal charges and ensuring that individuals’ rights and liberties are upheld under the Constitution. To that end, Mr. Rodriguez founded Rodriguez & Associates P.C. in 2002, a criminal defense law firm designed to ensure that each client’s unique needs are met.

How to Retain a Harris County Sexual Assault Attorney in Houston

The first thing you have to do is have a look through the charges. The sexual assault may be against a minor or have some added intent that could come with a stiffer penalty. Additionally, it may not be the only set of charges.

Once you have an understanding of what you are charged with, you can find a Harris County sexual assault attorney in Houston who has experience representing cases similar to your own. The law can be difficult to navigate through and therefore you want someone on your side who knows what they are doing.

Meet with a few attorneys to find out who you like, what kinds of cases that have had in the past, and what outcomes have resulted from the cases that they have represented. By taking the time to learn about the legal representation options that you have, it will be easier to retain one that you can rely on throughout the entire ordeal.

A consultation can be easily scheduled and many times, this is free of cost. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and meet with the attorney who is going to be representing your case face-to-face. To be able to make accurate comparisons between the attorneys, you will want to ask the same list of questions to everyone.

It’s also a good idea to discuss costs. While you want to make sure that you have quality representation, you also want to make sure that you are able to afford the Harris County sexual assault attorney that you ultimately retain. Not everyone charges in the same way, and therefore is best to get some kind of estimate as to what it will cost for all of this legal representation.

Asking Questions
You can ask us any questions as you are eligible asking. The only way to get the answers is to ask, and attorneys have likely heard every question that you could potentially come up with. Ask about their experience, the cases that they have won, their educational background, their concerns about your case, and more.
You will be able to make a better decision about an attorney if you have had the chance to discuss your case with them and get their opinion on it.
Retain Your Harris County Sexual Assault Attorney Now!

Once you have scheduled a consultation and an attorney has agreed to take your case, it’s important to move forward by retaining him or her. You cannot go through the legal proceedings for too long without legal representation and the counsel that you can receive can ensure you’re making the right decisions throughout.
Make a call now and let out the deep breath you have been holding.

Case Results

Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon: Dismissed

Arson: Dismissed

Assault: Dismissed

Bail Jumping: Dismissed

Burglary of a Habitation: Dismissed

Discharging a Weapon: Dismissed

Disorderly Conduct: Dismissed

DWI: Dismissed

Possession of a Controlled Substance: Dismissed

Robbery: Dismissed

Sexual Assault: Dismissed

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