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Harris County Sexual Assault Attorney

Hiring a Harris County Sexual Assault Attorney

Have you been charged with sexual assault? Before you do anything else, you need to find a Harris County sexual assault attorney to represent you. Your attorney is going to be the one who is with you through it all, providing you with legal counsel and telling you what the next step is.

Guilty or not, you are entitled to a full investigation that will help to prove your innocence or at least reduce your sentence if you are found (or plead) guilty. The investigation is going to be one of the aspects handled by the attorney and this is why you want to hire the best.

Cases Represented by a Harris County Sexual Assault Attorney

Before you go and try to hire just any Harris County sexual assault attorney, you will want to look at what cases they actually represent. Sexual assault can take on a lot of different charges. It may or may not include sexual assault of a minor or even by a minor. There may also be various other aspects that need to be considered, such as whether consent was issued or not.

You will want to check with an attorney to find out what kinds of cases they have represented in the past and what experience they have with a case of your nature. Find out about some of their past cases and what the outcomes were as well.

Obtaining the Help from an Attorney

Obtaining the help from an attorney can begin the moment you are taken to jail. You may be read your Miranda Rights, which includes the right to an attorney. You don’t have to say anything to the police officers until after your attorney arrives on the scene. From there, you can get help with the legal counsel that leads up to the arraignment and then all throughout the trial. From charges to trial, it could be 12 months or longer and therefore you want to be familiar with your Harris County sexual assault attorney entirely.

Hiring an Attorney in Harris County to Help

You cannot be the one to represent yourself in court. Therefore, you will need to hire a Harris County sexual assault attorney at one point or another. You can choose to handle the very basic aspects of court on your own, but by the time the arraignment arrives, you will want an attorney to not only guide you through the process, but also provide legal counsel.

Hiring an attorney can be easy as long as you know enough about the options. There’s always the possibility of having a court-appointed attorney, but they are often inundated with cases and therefore you’re not going to get the personalized service that you need to feel confident about the outcome. This is why many people choose to hire on their own – and this is likely why you’re here.

Once you have met with an attorney and asked questions, you can retain their services if you are confident in their ability to represent you and the uniqueness of your case.