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Houston Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

What is a Houston Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer?

A federal crime is an action which is illegal according to federal statutes. Federal crimes may also include offenses committed on or against federal property. Some common examples of federal crimes include:

-Money Laundering
-Mail Fraud
-Wire Fraud
-Bank Fraud
-Federal Property Crimes
-Identity Theft
-Securities Fraud
-Insider Trading
-Mortgage Fraud
-Embezzlement, credit card fraud
-Medicare and Medicaid fraud

Federal crimes require lawyers specifically experienced with federal court proceedings and who have knowledge regarding federal law. Federal cases are often investigated by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) or CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), these agencies have more resources and funding than local agencies and therefore may conduct far more extensive investigations and may build evidence against you for a period of months or even years in some cases.

We are experienced in both State and Federal Court and can help you if you are facing federal charges of any kind.

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