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Houston Felony Criminal Law Attorney

The Importance of a Houston Felony Criminal Law Attorney

You’ve committed a crime. Or you have been accused of committing a crime. Now what? The first thing you need to focus on is obtaining a Houston felony criminal law attorney. An attorney has passed the Bar and knows how to represent you in a court of law. He knows all of the criminal laws of the state and can use the judicial system to protect you.
There is a long process ahead of you. Felony charges are nothing to laugh about. This is serious business and you will have to make sure you go through all of the steps as necessary. If you skip out on a court date or fail to appear to a hearing, you could end up back in jail and you may even forfeit any bail that you have paid.
A Houston felony criminal law attorney is going to be the person who guides you throughout the process. He will tell you when you have to appear, what questions you have to ask, and generally looking out for your well-being. If you are not sure of the terms of your release or what you can and cannot do, you place a call to the attorney for help.
A criminal law attorney is going to work to ensure you are being treated properly by the law. From the moment you are brought in for questioning, you can have an attorney at your side. Anything you say CAN be used against you and therefore an attorney can stop the questioning so you don’t say too much – or say something that can incriminate you further.

Without having an attorney at your side during the questioning, you could get yourself into a whole lot of trouble. This is why police stations will often try to bring you in before you have had the chance to get an attorney. They know they are likely going to get information out of you – and this should be avoided for your best outcome.
The attorney is going to help you with the bail hearing, the arraignment, and the trial. It may take months for a trial to actually take place, but this is to your advantage. It gives your attorney plenty of time to conduct an investigation to get information that will go towards building the case. The more time to build, the better chance you have of getting the kind of outcome you need.

It’s a long road and one that you don’t want to take alone. An attorney can make it easier to navigate through the legal system.
Now that you know how important it is to have a Houston felony criminal law attorney, you need to find one to represent you and your case. A consultation can be scheduled easily so you can have your case reviewed, ask questions, and determine if the law firm is a good fit for what is going on with you.