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Houston Marijuana and Cocaine Defense Lawyers


Every year the team of Houston marijuana and cocaine defense lawyers at Rodriguez & Associates successfully defend thousands of criminal drug possession charges. Punishments for marijuana and cocaine related drug charges range from misdemeanors to felonies. These charges can often result in hefty fines and jail time that isn’t always deserved nor necessary.

In order to understand the true severity of a marijuana or cocaine criminal drug charge an experienced defense lawyer is needed. Marijuana and cocaine defense lawyers should take any and all charges pertaining to these drugs as a serious matter. At Rodriguez & Associates, not only will you find this kind of dedication, you will also find some of the most experienced defense lawyers in Houston.

Our Experience in Drug Crimes

Experienced defense lawyers will be able defend many kinds of marijuana and cocaine related drug charges. At Rodriguez & Associates, we can effectively build winning defense cases for criminal drug charges such as:

  • Possession
  • Distribution or sale of narcotics
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Drug smuggling

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How Our Marijuana and Cocaine Defense Lawyers Can Help You

With our extensive case and trial experience in Houston, our marijuana and cocaine defense lawyers help our clients see their charges drastically reduced. In fact, our defense lawyers specializing in marijuana and cocaine related drug charges have been able to dismiss many cases based on our knowledge of the law.

We are also effective at getting evidence suppressed because of our understanding of constitutional fourth amendment rights and illegal searches. Remember, you have rights, too.

Schedule Your No Obligation Consultation

Because each case is unique, we don’t make generalizations. Your first step is to schedule a consultation with a defense lawyer you trust so that we can learn the facts of your case, such as how you were caught, what you were caught with and whether this is your first offense or not.

You can trust that our marijuana and cocaine defense lawyers will work with you in every way that we can. Our fees are reasonable and fair, and we may be able to arrange a payment plan. We don’t want money to stand in your way of getting the representation you deserve.

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Rodriguez & Associates P.C. offers free consultations and quick response times. If you need to speak to a criminal defense lawyer today, please do not hesitate and call us right now at (713) 927-6863.

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