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Rodriguez & Associates delivers a team of experienced and dedicated Sugar Land aggravated assault lawyers that are ready to work for you. Though you’ve committed a crime and are probably feeling scared or uncertain right now, you have rights and you have options.

Our process starts with a consultation with our aggravated robbery attorneys in Sugar Land TX. Not only will we meet with you and get the facts on your case, but we will also provide you with the support needed as you move along the legal process.


Extensive Case and Trial Experience

Our Sugar Land aggravated robbery attorneys have extensive experience working on all types of criminal cases. We have been successful in reducing charges and getting cases dismissed pretrial.

Our assault attorneys in Sugar Land TX have been equally successful in felony cases, such as aggravated robbery, as well as simple cases like misdemeanors from shoplifting.

In addition to our experience, our attorneys are also proud to say that we’ve been named in H Texas Magazine as a Top Criminal Lawyer from 2011 to 2015.


Dedicated Sugar Land Aggravated Robbery Attorneys

Rodriguez & Associates has a strong track record and positive reputation among misdemeanor and felony judges. Our Sugar Land aggravated assault lawyers are highly committed to each case, and we never judge our clients. We understand that mistakes happen.

Here is what separates us from other Sugar Land assault attorneys in our state.

  • Over 14 years criminal defense experience
  • Reasonable fees that are adjusted for each case
  • Payment plans for some clients
  • Bilingual speaking for efficient communication
  • Strong relationships with district attorneys and judges
  • Ability to connect with jurors
  • Friendly legal advice at no cost

Right now, you need the very best aggravated assault lawyers in Sugar Land TX you can find. Your future depends on it. Your freedom depends on it. Your reputation depends on it. Call our Sugar Land aggravated assault lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.