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Sugar Land Criminal Defense Attorneys

Being charged or arrested for a crime is a very scary feeling, and you may not be sure where to turn. The most important thing right now is to hire the right team of Sugar Land criminal defense lawyers.

Once you are under the protection of an attorney, you can be guided in the right direction as to what is best for your circumstances. Early mistakes can be detrimental to your freedom, so don’t delay in scheduling a defense attorney consultation in Sugar Land TX.


Does it Cost Anything for a Consultation?
Rodriguez & Associates offers free Sugar Land defense attorney consultations for individuals and families in need of a defense lawyer. This consultation is for informational purposes only, and there’s no obligation for friendly legal advice. Our defense attorneys in Sugar Land TX will review the facts of your case and present you with your options.


What is the Cost for Your Services?
Each case is different, so it’s difficult to make generalizations. The fees for your case will depend on factors such as what crime you committed, the punishment range and your criminal history. What we can tell you is that prices for our Sugar Land criminal defense lawyers are competitive, and we are happy to arrange a payment plan for some clients.


What Makes You Different from Other Sugar Land Defense Attorneys?
Right now, you need the best representation possible. Rodriguez & Associates is it. Our criminal defense lawyers in Sugar Land TX are a cut above because of the following:

  • Good reputation with misdemeanor and felony judges
  • Direct communication with district attorneys
  • Ability to get cases dismissed before trial
  • Strong track record with many wins
  • Extensive case and trial experience
  • Payment plans and competitive fees
  • Free Sugar Land defense attorney consultations
  • Bilingual speaking


Call our Sugar Land criminal defense lawyers today to see how we can help you.