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Truck Accident Attorney in Houston TX

Trucking accidents can be devastating to those involved — working with an experienced, reliable truck accident attorney in Houston TX can help you and your family get past such a traumatic event quicker.

Joe Ray Rodriguez and his Spanish-speaking team at Rodriguez & Associates, P.C. would like to invite you to consult with our team if you have been involved in this type of accident. With the help of a seasoned 18-wheeler accident attorney in Houston TX, you can hold negligent parties accountable and recover compensation that can be used to cover things like loss of income, medical expenses (long-term and immediate), diminished quality of life, property damage and more.

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The Trusted Truck Accident Law Firm in Houston TX

Mr. Rodriguez and his support team have worked with a long list of clients that have been injured at the hands of an 18-wheeler or other type of commercial vehicle. With an extensive knowledge on the trucking industry, and the laws that regulate it, Mr. Rodriguez can examine your case and look for signs of negligence on behalf of such parties as:

  • The driver: Truck drivers must take extreme precaution to protect fellow motorists on the road. Our 18-wheeler accident law firm will determine if the driver was drugged, drunk, drowsy, tired or simply negligent in regards to the decisions they were making behind the wheel.
  • The trucking line: The company that owns the truck and hires the driver can be held negligent in situations like these. As your truck accident attorney, Mr. Rodriguez will investigate to see if the company cut corners in terms of safety (i.e. skipped safety checks, carried oversized loads, etc.), which contributed to your accident.
  • Parts manufacturers: If a faulty component of a truck led to your accident and subsequent injuries, an 18-wheeler accident attorney in Houston TX is within their rights to bring legal action against them.

There is a lot to consider in these types of accidents, which is why a seasoned truck accident attorney is important. Talk to our team about your recent accident.

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